The 5 Best Dressed Male Celebrities to Take Inspiration From

Hollywood and fashion has a long love-hate relationship, the dynamics of which can be very difficult to explore. We all keep an eye on the celebrities with a keen interest. Though they have personal stylists, it is them in particular that make a simple cloth a trend. Hence, the significance is immense. Women have always been the front runner in the game of fashion. But it will be entirely incorrect to say that the hunks have fallen back. They are classy, fashionable and handsome. So here is a taking look at the best dressed men in the business.

George Clooney

George Clooney is recognised as one of the sexiest men alive for a reason. And no, we are not talking about his deadly good looks, but his faultless style coupling. He looks divine in his numerous shirt and suit combination. He opts for solid and metallic hues that give him an enigmatic approach. Allegorically speaking, we really don’t mind staring at him all day long!

Ryan Reynolds

We loved him as Dead pool, but we love him more as the humorous and charming Ryan Reynolds. This dreamy Canadian actor has flawless fashion sagacity. If you do not believe us, then just go take a look at him dressed in a steel blue suit with a white shirt and blue tie. Sigh!

Adam Levine

The vocalist of Maroon 5 is not only blessed with a sexy voice, but a classy dressing sense too. Throw him any clothing piece, and he will still emerge as a winner wearing it with effortless panache. A well-defined suit with back brushed hair can make us go week on our knees. If you want to look as chic and elegant like this handsome singer and judge, then look for mens shirts wholesale suppliers for they have the latest apparels.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Be it acting skills or dressing abilities, it seems like Jake Gyllenhaal gets mentioned everywhere. His moments with the paparazzi have given us a great insight into his classy wardrobe choice. On various occasions, he has been sported wearing a shirt with a smart tailored suit. His pick of colour is impeccable and he proves it why we love him so much!

Zac Efron

He first won our hearts as Disney’s sweetheart, and then he went under a metamorphosis and emerged as one of the best dressed men in Hollywood today. From his casual stints to his formal skimps, he just looks good in all. His perfect silhouette looks best when he wears a formal shirt and suit combination. With well combed hair and a tie to complement, Zac Efron is the true sweetheart of all fashion buffs.

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