3 Wholesale Flannel Shirt Designs To Upgrade Your Look

Bulk Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are a hip fashion trend mainly during the winters. The comfort these clothes provide are the reason why they are so widely popular amongst the crowd. Due time and new taste, flannel shirt designs were made to evolve into new to the designs. These shirts date back to the 17th century Wales where farmer boys wore them to provide themselves the warmth from the chilly weather outside.

Later with time, famous brands have contributed to the popularization of these clothes. The soft fabric used to make these clothes, keep the wearer warm and comfortable on the inside. You can pair these shirts with plain jeans, stripped jeans work brilliantly with them. You can wear casual slippers as well as shiny shoes even formal shoes work well with these clothes if you pair them correctly. The versatility of these clothes has helped them to etch themselves to the stereotype. That is how large scale these shirts have gone, so much so famous wholesale flannel shirts manufacturers are making them in larger scales to cater to the increasing need for these shirts.

Take a look at these 3 designs of flannel shirts you can own for yourself to add them to your winter arsenal.

The Old Classic Red And Black

The first ever print to ever exist on these flannel shirts are the good old red and black stripes. They are found in a full red body with black checker-ed prints all over to establish the vibe of the shirt. These shirts can be paired with a blue stripped jeans and a fancy sports shoe. You can layer it with a black tee on the inside to make you look even better. This will not only increase the look on your dress but will also make you look very sporty and fashionable. These are found in variety of colors like blue and yellow, brown and off white. Choose from the large section of flannel shirts offered by famous bulk flannel shirts manufacturers to choose the best design fitting for you. Retailers can do the same while ordering in bulk.

Skin Fit Flannels

Along with regular fit flannel shirts, skin fit flannels are also available. These shirts alleviate your looks to a standard above the regular limit. This can be paired with skin fit clothes to give your look an absolute modern approach. Available in a range of different colors you can wear these to parties, work or even on your first date to make a very good impression.

Portuguese Flannel Shirts

Another absolute old school classic, these shirts come in checker-ed design body which makes these shirts look extremely inspired from the coasts the wild moors and the mountains of Portugal. The main standing out factors of these clothes are the muted colors and simple shapes they seem to play with which gives these shirts a very indigenous and rustic look.

If you are a retailer looking to add new designs of flannel shirts to your inventory list make sure to research amongst the best wholesale shirts manufacturers to choose order in bulk.

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