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If you are someone who just can’t do without shirts and wears them almost everywhere, then you must clean, maintain, and correctly store them as well. This will make sure that you are able to use them for a longer time period.

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5 tips to follow

To ensure that your shirts remain in their best condition, you can make use of these useful tips given below:

1) Before washing, turn your shirts inside out. It prevents button damage, abrasion, and fading. Also, pre-treat the collar and cuffs of the shirts as these areas are prone to staining. Apply some detergent straight onto these areas to do this. Give special attention to denim shirts if you want them to remain as classy as ever. Are you a business owner in search of elegant, top-quality denim shirt wholesale? Contact a preeminent shirt manufacturer now!

2) Instead of relying on machine washing, consider handwashing the shirts. If you don’t have that much time, then the next option is to wash the shirts on a cool cycle. Low temperature will lessen the chance of shrinking. Remember to wash similar colors together in order to prevent color transfer.

3) Air-dry your shirts. Put them on a hanger and hang them up somewhere dry and warm. To speed up the drying process, set a dehumidifier nearby.

4) While ironing, give attention to the cuffs and collar first before moving onto the sleeves and the body.

5) Hang your shirts in the closet and this storing method will keep them crease-free.

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