Linen Shirt Rules: 2 Dos And Don’ts That Every Man Should Follow

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One of the hottest men’s linen shirts looks? A comfortable, quality linen button-down with the sleeves rolled up casually. And one of the worst linen looks? A boxy, oversized linen shirt that ends mid-thighs. With linen, never be the guy who goes for the latter "style".

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Just like how every clothing item comes with certain dos and don’ts, a linen shirt is no exception. Here are some rules that you should remember to always look your best in a premium linen button-down.

Opt for colors

Go for different colors. Sophisticated linen doesn’t always mean white. No doubt they look nice, however, more like you are out spreading a word of peace everywhere. Instead of being the peace flag bearer, go for a softer and smoother yet hip color like pastel pink.

Settle for shorter sleeves

No, as in NO long baggy sleeves. Always go for a short-sleeved linen shirt where the cuffs end at your bicep. If you still wish to go for a long-sleeved one for any reason then make sure the sleeves are fitted. Avoid the horrible parachute arms by leaving the cuff buttons undone or better, rolling up the sleeves.

Say NO to a baggy look

A linen shirt is itself pretty much airy and light, so an unnecessary loose fit will give you a sloppy appearance. For a more buoyant and modern look, go for a slimmer cut. If you want to wear the shirt untucked then ensure that it isn’t too long, like awkwardly hugging around your hips! After all, attracting female attention in a negative way won’t be too good for your image.

Don’t keep more than 3 buttons undone

Linen shirts are made to give men a refined look. They are not supposed to be taken in a casual way, especially like going with too many open buttons! When you are going for an untucked linen shirt look, keep just the first and the last buttons unbuttoned. Unless you are wearing a t-shirt beneath it and are out by yourself relaxing under a tree, never keep more than these three buttons, open. More than three and you are likely to give the linen fashion experts a heart attack.

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