It's A Whole Package: Stripes

Style and comfort, two words that have become very important in our daily lives. Everybody is looking for such clothing that will bring out their style and make them feel comfortable in it. One such category of clothing that will fulfil our needs at any given time is Stripes. No one ever looks bad in stripes; the only trick is to know what kind suits you best. 

Wholesale Striped Shirts Manufacturer

The right choice

Stripes have always been prominent in men's clothing. You can team up striped shirts with suits, or wear it as a formal wear. You can team up striped t-shirts with blazers or wear it as a beach wear. But finding the right kind of striped shirt or t-shirt is crucial. A right kind of strip can either make your look, or break your look.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid all the embarrassment that could come your way: 

Horizontal Strips: All those with a tall and lean figure should opt for horizontal strips. They make the slender people look broader, for those wide horizontal strips are their best friend. On the other hand those with a heavy body and short legs should stay from horizontal strips. It makes them look bigger. 

Vertical Strips: These are a go to for short and broad people; it creates an illusion of height at the same time making them look taller. Also Tall and broad people can also pull off vertical strips very well. 

Taking it to a new level

It is an age of customization. Everything can be customized from colour, patter to the cloth material. This is what the customer demands nowadays. To live up to the expectations of the customers, distributors along with wholesale striped shirts and wholesale striped t-shirts have made available a new range of strips. The customized range. Now customers canget their kind of strips, from slim fit, round neck to short sleeves. This new range of shirts and t-shirts along with the wholesale shirts and t-shirts have brought out a new turn in the world of fashion.

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