How to Rock Your Look This Winter with Checked Flannel Shirts?

Is there any human, dead or alive, who believes that checked flannel shirts aren’t stylish? 

Okay, we didn’t really meant to sound so dramatic, but it’s true. Flannels shirts are very stylish and trendy, and this is why every gal around the corner is sporting them all the time despite the season. Even the top celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Olivia Wilde and Beyonce can’t get enough of these flannels. 

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But it’s not solely the style of this wear that has carried its trend to new heights, but also the number of ways you can sport them. 

Buttoned or unbuttoned- Obviously some people loves to sport checked flannel shirts with full button up, while others leave them wide open. When leaving them open, you have to be particularly careful about the combinations; make sure the color of your shirt complements the tee or vest you are wearing inside. Simple rule is ‘Dark shirt-light tee and light shirt-dark tee’.

Sleeves- One might need tuitions from Barack Obama to really learn when is the opportune time to roll-up your sleeves and when not to. But since it’s not possible, you have to know it by yourself when is that right time; for this is one of the most important things that define your whole look. Again with our simple rule, roll-up your sleeves when involved in any physical activity or in deep and serious conversation; else ‘keep calm and roll-down your sleeves’.

Denim or skirts- The color of your checked flannel shirts, again, play an important role in the kind of bottoms that would look good on you. Denim pants always work wonders; but if you’re just as awesome as our queen Beyonce, you can rock your look with even pencil skirts. 

There are of course few other ways you can work your way around with your these flannel shirts, like knotting the bottom of it right above your waist and turning into a complete badass.

Also, had you noticed, regardless the way one is sporting these shirts, color combinations plays a very crucial role. So if you own a retail shop, the color of your checked flannel shirts wholesale should be your foremost consideration.

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