Bold and Quirky Graphic Prints Are the New Trend in T-shirts

The fashion world works in a cycle - every year new trends emerge while some disappear. 2016 is all about graphics and prints that have been seen dancing its way onto all types of garments - t-shirts, tops, dresses, undergarments, bottoms and even shoes. If you are a clothing retail store owner and gearing up to welcome spring, then here are few of the emerging t-shirt graphic trends that you can think about adding to your existing product line. 

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Before venturing into the prints, let us talk about the styles of t-shirts that are making heads turn. As for the boys, the options remain pretty much the same - half sleeve or full sleeve style, maybe with the addition of a hoodie. Women's t-shirts have undeniably seen major fashion changes - off shoulder, one-shoulder and crop tees are really getting popular. 

Mother Nature On Tees

If you cannot see all the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer, then you need your magnifying glasses. The representation of the fine details of the natural world is in vogue. The prints that are making heads turn are experiments with plant textures, colorful botany and abstract textures that closely resemble earthy mineral surfaces. A reputed wholesale apparel supplier with top of the line manufacturing facility and cutting-edge printing techniques can surely satisfy your bulk requirements. 

Prints that Pop Out

This quirky trend is sure to catch the attention of the young fashion lovers who are heavily influenced with metal and rock bands, vampires and everything unworldly. The cartoon characters dominate the graphics and sometimes provide a facetious twist. The photographic prints are corrupted with comic elements and the riot of colors is what truly makes it impossible to go unnoticed. 

A Lot of Gothic

Skulls, pirates, heavy anchors and blood splattered all over the tee are one trend that really seems to be a craze among the teenagers and even young adults. When it comes to grabbing attention, these prints are surely doing something right. 

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