5 Things You Cannot Miss out While Wearing Flannel Shirts

The 90's grunge style is back and designers are on their toes, creating different patterns and designs to combine the classic flavor and feel with the contemporary fashion and functionality. But it is not as easy to put on these staple outfits as it looks from the outside. 

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Here we have curated a few suggestions on how to wear them perfectly, no matter where you are heading to. 

Say yes to checks

Do checks sound monotonous to you? Not anymore! There are more varieties available than you can ever think of. From colors to prints designers are spinning out new styles and combinations quite regularly. You can opt for different colored plaids like those in combination of green and yellow, orange and blue, besides the most seen black and red. Whether it is a casual outing with friends or a brunch with family, once you step out in your red, olive green and white button-down checkered shirt with a pair of denim shorts, you are an instant hit amongst your friends and folk.

Simplicity is the key

If you are wearing a plaid shirt, try to keep the focus only on that piece so that it stands out in the entire outfit. Slipping into patterned pants may make it worse, if not better. So keep it simple by pairing the upper with denim jeans or solid colored like red, blue or black pants.

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Follow the trend

The world is quite taken with the tying around the hips flannel shirts that have been tried by more and more celebrities from Justin Bieber to Rihanna. You can also wear it to a music concert or a baseball match on a warm day and tie the shirt around your waist. Now put on a t-shirt, denim jeans and sneakers to channel a casual vibe.

Mix and match

No matter how expensive and stylish your plaid shirts and pants are, never wear them together. If you are wearing the shirt, let it take the credit alone, teaming it up with neutral colored pants. For accessories you can take a hat and be ready to beat the scorching sun. As for the color, you can choose both pastel and pop shades of baby pink and mint green to red and tangerine for your Canadian flannel shirts

Tuck in or tuck out?

Unlike other formal shirts, these look pretty awkward when tucked into the pants. So here's saying another no for this. But if you are wearing a blazer or a jacket over it, you can keep the tail of the shirt tucked into the pants, preferably on formal occasions.

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