Classy and Charismatic: A Complete Dress Analysis of A Victorian Man

The Victorian Era was the hubbub of the great Industrial Revolution that changed the face of history. With revolutionary technologies being introduces (courtesy machines), the way of life changed for many. The way people lived and conducted their lives till that particular time period underwent an alteration so massive that it created history.

With manual labour being replaced by machines, there was a massive change in the clothing style as well. Use of sewing machines gave them a fine and refined finish that added top their overall design. Clothes and accessories were in fact used as way of displaying class and social status. Ifit can be described in two words they would be, sophisticated and captivating. 

With a number of TV series and movies successfully recreating the lost charm of the Victorian era, we all are captivated by the enormity of the time it offered. And we always do not require Halloween to dress from one the most enriching time periods of history. Taking some classic inspiration from the era, here is a list that highlights some of its tasteful contribution to the world of fashion. 

Shirts were a way of dressing with dignity

A stride in manufacturing and distribution of clothes resulted in having readymade clothes being delivered to the masses. This saw an emergence of gentlemen picking up shirts that were not only affordable but also satisfied their style stride. Victorian shirts came with detachable collars and cuffs. They had different types and styles, majorly six kinds. This gave them the option of swapping the collars as and when they wished. Later on, as time moved, these emerged as the different categories of collars and cuffs that can be seen presently. White was the typical staple of all men of this period. Though some really textured shirts with a variety of palette adorning them, tartan plaid flannel was considered to be a staple for the countrymen and was typically avoided by the men belonging to the higher strata of the society. They were extremely formal in their approach as the idea of casual clothing was seemingly vague. You can have custom business shirts from reputed manufacturers that are designed taking inspiration from the late Victorian era. 

Trousers trousers everywhere!

The basic idea of informal and formal clothing had yet to emerge during this period; hence much of the clothing was about wearing shirts and trousers. The fine line that separated them can be identified as the suit. But notwithstanding that fact, trousers in black was very popular among the mass of men. Many were however seen wearing lighter shades of trousers that were only to highlight the patterns which definitely included stripes and checks. Woollen breeches were popular for outdoor activities whereas knickers were the selected piece of bottom wear for all and any sporting event. We can see the same today only with a change. As zippers were an invention of the later times, they came with suspenders and buttons, which have been popular among the men even today.  

Suits be good!

Wearing vest and coats or neatly tailored suits saw its inception during this time period. The coats were usually in a frock pattern with its slim fit, seamed waist and a considerable length. Gentlemen preferred coats in tweed, plaid and checks for it gave them a nifty appearance. Conversely shorter versions of the coats were wildly popular among the economically backward people. Tailcoats were considered to be extremely formal and were usually worn at parties or evening gatherings. Wearing a neat vest with buttons that matches the colour of the coat and trousers was considered elegant to say the least. We can still the traces in men who are picky about their official clothes and stick to this old yet fashionable custom. 

Top hats, pocket watches and ties: accessories looked good on men

Ever seen a picture of Abraham Lincoln and wondered about the pragmatic and enigmatic top hat look? Well, that was common of all the men during the Victorian era. Except the top hat, which was required for evening occasions, a variety was also available. Derby and Homburg hats were common among the men who conducted business. Silk neck ties were extremely prevalent as they were considered to be less ornate. Pocket watches were the favourite pick of accessories as it reflected the social standing of a man. Gold and silver were the preferred metals as well. 

This era was when style emerged as a global phenomenon. With King Edward’s ascend to the throne; the eccentricity of dressing up became prominent in men’s clothing. It was a more turn-of-the-century style that materialized and magnificently fascinated the coming generations. With a number of prominent manufacturers assembling trousers and business t shirts wholesale and vests, retailers can buy from them in bulk and make a historical addition to their store collection.

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