3 Style Approved Ways To Flannel When The Temperature Soars High

Flannel shirts have broken all the shackles of seasonal dressing and now can be worn during the hotter months as well, by incorporating them with correct outfits and in stellar ensembles. 

The plaid flannel shirt is an off-duty favourite of many as over the years they have become a staple in our wardrobe and in the collections of top fashion enthusiasts. Whether you are wearing them in their classic style, or just sporting them in some modern-enthused fashion way, they are always a winner. They are comfortable to wear and they are extremely versatile. Moreover, they do not really stick the seasonal dressing conventions, which make them so popular.

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So without much thought, add them to your spring collection and make an impression distinctive. But bewildered that you will get the look wrong? Well, then read on and find out more about the three ways in which you can wear them during the spring to look like a winner. Wholesale flannel shirts are available with reputed manufacturers that help you make easier choices.

Wear Them Buttons Open Over A Flirty Dress 

As discussed by many, it is the versatility of the flannel shirt which makes them so loved and sought after. Thus, not only can they be worn as a top, but can also be worn as an added accessory (read cardigan) over a solid spring dress that makes you look breezy and cool. A pair of boots and a modest neckpiece can be the perfect finish you can give to this considerably new approach to plaid shirts. Flannel wholesale products are available with a number of manufacturers that can be bought in bulk.

Mix Them With Other Prints

Spring is the time to play with a variety of prints and patterns, letting textures be the highlight of the clothes. So do not shy away from mixing other prints with plaid in order to create a long-lasting impression. Whether using an animal print top or a floral print skirt, team it with the flannel while skipping entirely on any other accessory. Make sure to keep the rest of the look simple to avoid looking flashy.

For The Beach Cover Up

Hitting the beach is one of the most anticipated things of summer. And while a great chic swimsuit is a girls’ best friend, you can use a nifty flannel shirt to cover up. Leave the shirt unbuttoned over the swimsuit and just lay lazily soaking up the sun. It is sure to garner you compliments from all the onlookers, as you look effortless and natural. Surely less is more!

This spring, use the flannel shirt a little differently and see it work its undeniable charm on all the onlookers. You can personalise the flannel shirts as many prominent manufacturers have custom flannel shirts wholesale available as a part of a vast inventory. Interested retailers can buy them in bulk while securing massive discounts.

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