5 Clothes You Can Wear When You Are Expecting

A lot changes when you are pregnant. Those mood swings, morning sickness, untimely hunger and changing body. You grow, and with every passing week, your body needs also alters. Many women stick to wearing sweats and their husband’s clothes because it fits. But ladies, it is time to change this concept. The key is about you being comfortable. So as long as you feel great, a body con dress also works. Learn to accept the bump and flaunt it. If you are still wary about what you should pick, then read on. Given below is a list of clothes you can embrace and add in your wardrobe. They check out on both comfort and style boxes, making them a perfect investment. (Just to say, you can wear them post-delivery as well, win-win for all!)

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Oversized cardigans

While a structured cardigan is always comfortable to wear, but when you are pregnant, an unstructured and oversized one is more flexible. You can opt for a front open one for that will be easy to adjust according to your need. You can throw it casually over a simple t-shirt. This is a great way to add layer while being at ease, and also it looks great, flaunting the baby bump. Asymmetrical hem can also be a great option for it will help you flaunt a casual elegance. 

Shift dresses

A classic shift dress comes with an A-line cut which provides a youthful and flattering approach to the expecting moms. You can opt for a scoop neck and a slight short length, for there is enough space to accommodate the bump, while your legs becoming the prime focus. Throw over a denim jacket over to look like as casual as it can get. And don’t forget, comfortable as well. 


A pair of dark, stretchy leggings is one of the best options when it comes to keep yourself relaxed when expecting (especially during those last few weeks). So when you are most bloated, you can wear a pair and team it with a loose t-shirt or shirt to look your best. If it becomes uncomfortable, shift the waistband below the bump and you will be back on the track. 


Wholesale maternity shirts suppliers have designed a whole range of tunics which are the perfect maternity wear. While they can be useful to hide baby bumps and body issues, their slimming detail makes them popular among the expecting moms. Wear it with a pair of leggings or slim fit jeans to appear elegant and subtle. An added advantage, there is enough room to fit your growing bump. 

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are extremely popular and they are so for all correct reasons. Providing enough space for your bump, it keeps you at ease at all times. And how can one ignore the fact that it is exceptionally fashionable. In fact, a maxi dress drapes around the changing body so well that it seems to have become a pregnancy staple. Choose them in different shades and textures, prints and patterns, shapes and designs to get the most of the dress and your pregnancy. 

To conclude, there is no dressing correct when you are expecting, it is all about dressing comfortable. You should feel relaxed for that is essential for the baby as well. Allow your bump to breathe. Maternity wholesale suppliers USA have an entire range of clothes, including shirts, t-shirts, dresses, cardigans among many others, which can be purchased in bulk by retailers. Bulk orders will secure them massive discounts.

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