The Leading Shirt Cuff Suppliers Have Brought In A Variety Of Cuffs For Men

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Formal shirts are all about class, prep and good looks. Men are supposed to look their best wearing them with right bottom wear and layering for the social and office occasions. Designed to present a different perspective and level of formality, the varied array of shirt cuff styles will dramatically change the look and feel of your dress shirt, and hence you must look at them and know in details before buying the formal shirts.
Your formal shirt is useless and futile if the cuff style is not appropriate, and needless to say, you also should know a lot about where and how to wear them. The leading retail stores have been stashing their stocks with a number of shirt cuff styles for the handsome and hunky men, and they are readily available at decent rates.
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The leading shirt cuff suppliers have brought in a wide variety of them in the market, and we have broken them for you to give a detailed knowledge.

Barrel cuffs

Barrel cuffs are less formal and are more functional and easily presentable. These are for normal occasions when you do not really need to look that perfect or good. Here are some sub categories for barrel cuffs.
  • One button barrel cuff- These are suitable for shorter men providing the illusion of longer arms. Another type of this barrel cuff known as an arrowhead cuff, or angled cuff and helps your shirt to stand out more.
  • Two button straight cuff- These are present in the readymade shirts bought from stores, and they provide a tight fit around the wrists, giving you a neater and cleaner look.
  • Two button round cuff- Similar to the angled cuffs, these provide a tight fit around the wrists, with more style than the straight cuff.

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French cuffs 

The French cuffs come with the shirts that are to be worn to important and special occasions, like date nights or office parties and social outings. More formal, they lend a very classy and sophisticated poised silhouette. There are two types of French cuffs brought in by the reputed wholesale mens French cuff shirts supplier.
  • Straight French cuffs – These are fashionable and must be fastened with the cufflinks for important office settings. Straight French cuffs can be designed with white contrast collars to create a more preppy look.
  • Curved French Cuffs – They are similar to the straight French cuffs, and one can also design it as contrasting color to give your shirt more jazz.
A variety of shirt cuffs are available in the market today, and men must wear them according to the occasion they are heading to.

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