3 Ways To Wear A Dress Shirt With A Pair Of Jeans

A dress shirt is one of the smartest pieces in a man’s wardrobe that you can find today. Complementing it with a pair of jeans in the right way can help you pull off a smart-casual appearance.

When you come to think of a dress shirt, the first thing that comes to the mind is formal attire. The slim fit shirt worn with a tailored piece of the suit is the ultimate sartorial expedition you can be on right now. But there is another combination that is worth the try. A dress shirt and a pair of jeans.

Now, this is the combination that is actually worth the try. For simple reasons actually- it combines two trends together; casual and formal. While obviously, the dress shirt represents the latter, jeans are like the flag bearer of casual dressing. 

Now the real question is, how does it feel when you combine these two utterly different pieces together? To answer the question, here are the answers. 

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A white dress shirt with a pair of jeans

The most redeeming quality of a white dress shirt lies in its ability to work well with almost any other combination. It can blend in very well and the look that it creates is classic. A white dress shirt has thus acquired the status of a staple in a man’s wardrobe. When you are aiming for the casual juxtaposition, pick a pair of jeans that is on the darker side to create an interesting look. Suede boots will work with the outfit, giving it a nice, comfortable twist. 

A black dress shirt with a pair of jeans

Shirts wholesale manufacturer Salt Lake City has an affinity towards crafting the best dress shirts in the circuit. And the black dress shirt that can be found in their inventory is truly stunning in its approach. Though it is not a common choice for most men, the routine remains the same only with this shirt you pair a light shade of jeans. To look sleek, keep the fit of the shirt and the jeans proper. A pair of loafers will sail your boat through the complicated tides of smart-casual. 

A striped dress shirt with a pair of jeans

Another very popular item found in the wardrobe is a striped dress shirt. Unlike the other two which have earned a pretty standardized reputation in the industry, a striped dress shirt is a more elegant version, with a niche of followers. Their ability to add dimension to the entire attire is truly recommendable, and to enhance their sophistication in the right way, team them with a pair of light washed jeans and sneakers. The more structured both the pieces are, the better are your chances of rocking the appearance.

Thus, now that you have all this information, make wise use of them. A dress shirt and jean combined together can help you stand out without a shade of doubt. All you need to do is keep the ensemble simple and appealing. Wholesale shirts supplier Salt Lake City based have an inventory that boasts of the best dress shirts in the circuit. Interested retailers can make a purchase of the same in different shades by registering them with today. Massive discounts can also be secured!

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