The Leading T-shirt Manufacturers Have Introduced the Long line Tees for Men

Men often complain of having very limited range of styling options or outfit designs compared to women. Though there are few out of the box style stances that fashion conscious men must try pulling off, and triumphantly succeed while others might fail to deliver the correct ensembles. The world of fashion doesn’t disappoint anyone and always comes up with new and fresh collections to satiate the handsome hunks. Once you understand how to carry these attires confidently, you will add a sartorial spin to your closet, too.

Now, talking about the offbeat attires for men, you must take a note of the longline tees for men that cut through conventional menswear. The oversized tees with bit of a slouchy sleeves, and elongated lengths almost till knee are the newest buzz.

Now, apart from the tees, there are also long line vests, or jackets that are available in the market. But as an amateur, you should only go for the tees that are effortless and easier to get through with.

Here are some of the rules to style these long line tees crafted by the leading t-shirt manufacturers.

Oversized is never office ready

The charm of the long line tees lies in the fact that the wearer effortlessly injects an inevitable swag into their attires, and hence they do not comply with the office ambience. You can definitely wear them for the social occasions, like the date nights with jackets, but not to office and make a mess out of yourself.

Always keep the balance

The most important rule to style the long line pieces is sticking them on the front line, allowing their exaggerated silhouette to take the centre of attraction. Never commit the mistake of wearing everything oversized with the long line tees, and hence you have to keep a balance in your silhouette with fitted jacket, or the narrow fitted trouser.

Monochrome comes to your rescue 

Go for the tasteful yet edgy block-color pieces in shades like white, navy or black or grey that don’t scream for something too odd or attention seeking. These colors work better in monochromatic appeal than the prints and patterns that are too much at times and also make you look very sloppy in the long line tees.

It is all about the right fabric

The denim and linen fabrics don’t really go well with the long line silhouette, and hence you will mostly notice cotton and synthetics that lend themselves well to long line pieces with enough drapes and stretch. Hence, always avoid the fussy materials.

Always style wisely 

If you are new to oversized clothing, the long line bulk t shirts as said earlier are the best way to start off with this trend. Try teaming the oversized tee with a vest and dark colored bottom wear or the bomber or parka with the right pair of footwear.

The manufacturers are crafting the long line t shirts in bulk and you need to pay attention to them a as fashion store owner in need of revving up your stocks.

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