The Rules To Wear Polo Shirts Correctly That Men Should Follow

Nothing can be compared to the classiness of wearing the timeless polo shirts by men, that  are reinvented in contemporary styles by the wholesale manufacturing hubs today.  The polo shirts that are introduced today are not different, just that they have the modish style quotient that make them look fresh and offbeat. But, no matter how out of the box they become, their appeal remains the same, and the rules and protocols to wear them also do not change at all. 

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You just have to stick to the etiquettes that make wearing a polo right and easier, without any hassle. There is no denial of the fact that men look dapper in the vintage polo shirts, and should explore the state of the art polo shirts wholesale collection crafted by the leading manufacturers. 

If you want to get hold of the polo shirts that are in trend today, make sure to know about the golden rules to style them correctly, without any error. 

Don’t Unbutton All The Buttons 

You can keep one button open, but undoing all of them looks really floppy and careless. You pull off the polo shirt look with grace, and to achieve this it is necessary to stop undoing all the buttons. Neither should you keep all of them buttoned up, rather go for a balanced silhouette as you keep one button undone. 

Tuck Or Untuck? Depends On The Occasion 

A polo shirt can be styled in either of the two ways: tucked or untucked. The tucked silhouette is more for the formal occasions, and when the polo shirt is longline in style. For the casual occasions, you should keep it 
untucked and look smart. 

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Have The Best Collection Of Primary Colored Polo's 

No matter how modish the recently designed wholesale polo shirt collection becomes, you should always have the versatile polo shirts in primary solid shades of black, blues, maroons, and white or grey. Also, you can go for the recently designed stripe and plaid polo shirts to follow the recent fashion highlights and be updated. 

Don’t Wear Polo With The Undershirt 

You are not supposed to wear the vintage polo shirt with the undershirt, rather wear it without anything added beneath. The undershirt makes you appear bulky, and can also peep out of the collar or neckline. 

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