What Should You Be Looking For In a Good Summer Shirt?

Summers can be a good time to show off your collection of shirts. However, there are a few things which should be kept in mind to be comfortable and be at ease. Know the features of a good summer shirt before investing in one. 

The phrase ‘good summer shirt’ is derivative and open to interpretation. Some may say that they are comfortable wearing a shirt which sweats moisture, while some say that they prefer ones which have more aesthetic appeal than functional ability. 

But wearing a good summer shirt should possess a few necessary traits especially when it must be sported on a regular basis (shout out to all the men out there!). ‘A good summer shirt’ should be able to balance both function and fashion effectively.

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Until and unless you bathe in antiperspirant daily, sweat is your major concern and the primary requirement of the shirt is to tame sweat. The summer shirts should be constructed using materials that allow you to breathe and prevent your body from getting overheated. Reputed shirts manufacturer is using smart fabrics to construct the shirts. 

Coming back to the point, how to pick a good summer shirt? Here are a few checkpoints for you to refer to when investing in one. 
  • Avoid wearing materials like polyester, nylon and rayon. Most shirts supplier evade using these for the simple reason that these are uncomfortable. These synthetic fabrics might be great at wicking moisture but don’t feel easy on the skin and can trap the heat inside. To avoid feeling like your skin is burning, don’t wear shirts made of these materials. 
  • 100% cotton is what you should aim for. Soft, durable and breathable, a cotton shirt is ideal to beat the summer in style. Since cotton is a natural fabric, it is a great moisture absorber. 
  • Linen can also be opted for because it dries off extremely fast. But it can get wrinkled very fast. Try to look for a version that features a blend of cotton and linen. 
  • Opt for lighter shades and undertones to reflect more heat. Since pastel colors are in demand right now, you can check out the ones in the same. Soft and hard pastels both look masculine. 
  • Oxford shirts, flannel shirts made of cotton and cotton dress shirts are excellent options for summer. These are available in variations with top wholesale shirts supplier. 
Team your summer shirts with lightweight options like chinos and jeans to be comfortable and look fantastic at the same time. 

Thus, the next time you go to buy a summer shirt, make sure you check out these points.

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