Cool Ways To Dress Up Your Flannel Clothing For A Day To Night Look

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Even though flannel has been often associated with autumn, it nevertheless turns out to be an all-time favorite of all. The plaid pattern often gives off a warm and crisp vibe which can be associated with either of the transitional period of the year. Most often worn as a casual day-time look, you can incorporate the flannel style into the evening wear as well. For this, you'll definitely need the assistance of good make-up as well as luxe layering pieces and some jewelry. 

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Feminine Love

For something feminine that can also be rounded of as sexy, all you'll need is a red and blue plaid patterned shirt with a lace and organza pencil skirt. To imbibe some flirty vibe into the outfit all you'll need to do is tie the ends of the shirt into a knot around the waist. Pull up the hair into a bun and do up your lips with the help of a reddish pink lipstick. Black floss heels are better to keep the accessories on the subtle side.

Tomboy Chic

An ombre plaid flannel shirt with an olive-green cargo pant is great for the night. This outfit is definitely not on the glamorous side but a cool yet trendy take on the rustic aesthetic that is one f the key style of flannel shirts. The key here is to stick to the basic color scheme by opting for some vintage leather shoes and even indigenous jewelry. For the make-up you can stick to brown Smokey eyes and nude lips.

Goth Baby

Leather has always been a classic favorite of all and combining it with flannel creates definite iconic pieces. Hence opt for a short leather skirt with a cropped customized flannel shirt. Along with it you can opt for ankle length boots and a goth make-up to channel your inner emo. Not only this you can also opt for colorful leather skirt if your mod is more on the playful side.

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