How To Wear Striped Shirts This Summer

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As a woman who's trying to put together a proper, eternal capsule closet, you have to incorporate a striped shirt in your mini collection of must-have items. Probabilities are nonstop with such a wardrobe staple as the variants from popular shirt manufacturing companies are abundant. Striped shirts are so adaptable that despite what your style is, you can make them work in your favor, always. Most significantly, they are apt for any occasion, season and age group.

A striped shirt is a frequently ignored item that can bear out to be quite adaptable and a good addition to any closet. Whilst it is frequently thought of only in terms of naval-themed attires, this edition of a top can work for almost any kind of ensemble. It can be worn up or down based on the event and can look quite chic when styled properly.

Let's check out some of the ways you women can style a striped shirt to show off their stripey self.

Go for pinstripes for boyfriend shirts, office-wear, and stylish semi-sporty looks. A blue and white pinstriped button-down looks particularly brilliant when tailored. This will flaunt your figure in the finest way possible. Keep in mind, cinching the waist is the most effortless way to make a visual hourglass form. A tailored blouse works the same way to suit the proportions of your body and take your entire outfit up a notch.

You will frequently observe blue and white stripes or black and white stripes as the initial choices when it comes to striped dresses or tops. These are perfect choices to try, certainly, but we support when you think outside the box when it comes to picking your striped top. For a cool summer look, white and yellow is bright combinations that are sure to boos the mood. For a winter-fitting combination, give gray and white a try or some contrasting shades of black and brown.

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