Make Flannel Shirts Great Again With These Attires!

If you think that your flannel shirt collection is falling behind in style and does not command the respect it should, then here's the right blog for you. We are going to take a look at what you can wear with flannel shirts to make it look great again! 

From discussing avant-garde looks to making the simple stand out, in this blog we are going to make it all happen. 

So, if you are excited to know about how to make the best of your custom flannel shirts, then here's a look: 

The classic American look

Want to make a move with your flannel shirt that will make you an instant head turner? Then get the classic American flannel look - and by that we do not mean the Mid-west. 

We are talking about glam-America, the one from Hollywood. 

You need a sleek pair of sunglasses, a loose fitting flannel shirt that will be buttoned up till the last two, and a classic narrow fit trousers worn with boots. Keep the attitude casual and the socks printed and dark - and you are good to go! 

The New York Hipster

Here's how to pull of the New York Hipster look with your flannel shirt. All you need to do is put the shirt as the base layer and then pair it with a bright jacket - like yellow. 

Add in denims or dark colored trousers along with boots, and you are good to go. 

You could add a nice scarf in a dark color and a hat to complete the look. Nerd glasses or aviator spectacles would also be a great addition to create this ultimate look! 

The Flannel Traveller

Pull off the flannel traveller look better than ever before - this one is as easy as it gets and you do not even need to buy extra accessories to make it work. All you need is an ill-fitting trousers that you fold up to your ankles, a comfort fit flannel shirt, a pair of casual flip flips or slip-ons and a wayfarer. 

Team in all of this with a casual approach and hang it with a backpack for max worldly appeal.

The flannel traveller is as good as it gets - and a must try look if you want to change the way you wear flannel shirts wholesale!

These are the 3 looks that will revolutionize the way you wear the flannel and create a completely new avatar out of your existing wardrobe. It is not always necessary that you buy new clothes to get a look - sometimes it is just around the corner and you need a different combination. 

Now that you have found out these 3 new flannel looks, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your nearest flannel retailer and start reigning the streets! 

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