Exploring Material Combos For The Unsung Wardrobe Classic Polo Shirts


Polo shirts as unassuming menswear staple have reclaimed its status as a reliable smart-casual outfit to wear for any occasion. Fast forwarding to the modern times from that old time polos got popularized by the French tennis icon, Rene Lacoste, polo shirts have now elevated to a timeless versatile garment rising beyond its sporty origins. Its lightweight construction and smart-casual appeal makes it the ultimate relaxation shirt. If you are a retailer on the lookout for top-quality polo shirts of contemporary designs, hook up with a polo tshirt manufacturer of repute urgently.

Cotton pique polo

You can rely on 100% cotton polo with a clean cut and neat design to wear as a summer staple. Choose such a polo shirt in white, deep blue, grey or other easy to wear hues for an unmatched elegant look.

Pique blend polo

A pique polo shirt with a straight slim fit and organic cotton construction can be your choice for less is more approach to design. 

Silk-cashmere polo

Select a polo shirt crafted with a luxurious blend of cashmere and silk to effortlessly carry this super-soft and ultra-lightweight shirt. You can pair with chinos and loafers for a breezy evening look.

Linen-cotton knitted polo

For an old-school aesthetic appeal, a knitted linen and polo shirt can bring out the laidback elegance of old times. You can team it with high waist trousers, a sleek leather belt and loafers to look classy and charming.

Long sleeve merino polo

If you are looking for a polo shirt tailored to perfection, a polo crafted from an extra fine Italian merino wool can be your desired choice. This can be a perfect layering for the coldish mid months.

Merino wool polo

A polo shirt made out of luxurious merino wool can make you feel pleasant as this is a warm and breathable shirt for year-round wear. Pair it with tailored trousers and a smart blazer for an effortless dinner look.

To make your retail store comprehensive and upgraded, contact with a striped t shirt mens wholesale supplier can benefit you. The classic polo shirts included in the gigantic catalog of this manufacturing hub can make your polo collection super-attractive.

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