5 Best Ways To Pull Off “Printed Shirt Look” Great

The one which you will see finding a place in every trend is a printed shirt. Wearing one correctly with the right companions can elevate your persona, but when not chosen carefully can appear too loud, bold and obnoxious to the sight of others. 

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In order to save you from being the stand up comedian of any event, given below are the 4 suggestions that guarantees you the spotlight for all the right reasons.

With the suit

You can always go ahead and pair one up with your suit. While you spot others sporting solid colors, you can easily stand out in the crowd in your tailored piece of clothing levelled up by a printed shirt. Remember, according to the fashion stylists, a printed shirt beneath your suit does not only bring a touch of modernity but brings out your own unique and elevated sense of fashion as well.

With knits

Plenty of men out there often start shuddering and get tensed at the mere mention of a printed shirt and it is understandable. Pulling one off can be tricky, even if it’s under a knit. In order to gain praises from people holding a special place in your life or those who are professionally important to you, a suggestion would be to start getting dressed more maturely like if the occasion is formal then keep the pattern simple and ensure that it goes with the rest of your outfit. Then try switching to knitwear. Remember, a V-neck followed by a cardigan is definitely an eye-catcher!

Pairing with light denim

Donning a printed shirt with light denim might sound a bit outdated but a suggestion would be to wear it buttoned close or tucked in to sport a fresh look. If you want a more modern look, you need to make sure that your blue denims aren’t too tight or extremely pale.

With the dark denim

Pairing your printed baby with a dark denim can be both advantageous or horrible, depending on the way you pair it, as at the end of the day, it’s all about how good your dressing sense is. Consider muted florals, vertical stripes.

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