How to Rock A Polo Shirt

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One of the most popular clothing items loved by almost every man is a polo shirt. It has gained huge fame among everyday people and stars alike. One of the wholesale polo shirt manufacturers has come up with such an attractive, jaw dropping collection that is sure to grab attention. Polo shirts are a common feature in many professions. From college students to bartenders, they are on everybody. A primary reason behind them rising to such popularity can be the fact that they are so easy to wear and provide so much comfort.

Check out a few top styles given below of how to look great in a polo shirt.

Pick shorts

Take your style quotient to a whole new level by dressing in a polo shirt and shorts. It’s a simple ensemble with classy boxers and denim that make you look pretty stylish. For a cool and enduring look, go for black and white colors or you can experiment with a different mix. Make sure your polo shirt is fitted and keep it unbuttoned to sport a relaxed look.

Go for a coat

Are you winter season lover? If yes then you should definitely enjoy the most of it by combining a polo shirt with coat. Picking this style will give you a perfect look including a classy appearance and warmness.

With jeans

Team your polo shirt with jeans or pants to keep it comfortable and casual. The easy, relaxed bottoms give the smart shirt an instant casual vibe. While choosing the jeans, go for loose fit jeans, denim jeans or trendy low waist jeans. Ensure they are tidy and tailored to avoid looking sloppy.

Pair with chinos

A smart way to top off an ensemble with a polo shirt are chinos since they fall in between stylish informal and semi-formal. Wrap your lower half in fine trousers for an elegant and smooth appearance and complete your look with boat shoes, sneakers, black shoes.

Get a blazer

Ever tried a polo shirt with blazer? Whether you pick this style for an outing with friends or for business casual workdays, they look great together. For a more formal occasion, settle for a dark suit in a black polo shirt. In order to stand out in the crowd, choose a colourful polo shirt to bring fun to your attire!

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