How to Wear Polo Shirts like a Gentleman


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The golf t shirts wholesale is one of the most adaptable pieces of clothing a man can own. It's a great summer essential, but how should it fit, what material should it be made of, and where should you buy polo shirts? Every gentleman's closet must include at least a couple of polo shirts. Polo shirts may be worn with a variety of wardrobe pieces, including Madras, seersucker, shorts, and chinos. It's a popular sight on beaches, tennis courts, golf fields, and around town for languid strolls around the stores and an alfresco supper at a tiny café.

Polo Shirt etiquette

Men wear wholesale sports shirts almost everywhere, from office to the football games, and with everything, from a fitted jacket to tattered denim jeans.

Despite the shirt's wide range of applications, there are a few ground rules to follow to keep you appearing smart rather than messy. Special mention: A polo shirt should be slim fitting and have fitted sleeves that reach midway between the elbow and the shoulder.

Get a larger size if you can't get your finger between your sleeve and your bicep. Get a smaller size if there's a lot of slack. Polo shirts of high grade are constructed of light fabrics such as cotton. As a result, they should drape gently over your body without revealing too much of it.

Unless you like to wear dresses, ensure the hem of an untucked polo shirt doesn't stretch past midway down your bum. If left untucked, it will not only wrinkle and expose when tucked in, but it will also throw off your proportions. If you want to wear your polo shirt untucked, eliminate tennis tails (a longer back hem).

It would be incorrect to make it a rule that you must never tuck or untuck your polo shirt. It's more dependent on the attire and the event. You don't want to tuck in a pair of madras shorts, but tucking in a pair of chinos or seersucker slacks will look nicer.

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