5 amazing designs of summer shirts for women and how to style them!

It is a very easy thought that flowy and loose shirts during the summer season feel like heaven. It makes us feel so light and sweat-free that you can even get a good night’s sleep in those. Remember the parties where you had to rest wearing something uncomfortable. But do not worry anymore, because we are here to tell you about a few fabulous clothing ideas that can make any outing super comfortable!


Be it floral, or mandala, simple designs or even plain matte texture, cotton and linen shirts can make you look awesome anyway. The simplicity of these shirts for women are so intriguing in their own way, that anything would qualify as an eye-catching attire if you carry it well, and most importantly, accessorize it as needed. One of the very popular cotton and linen shirt manufacturers excel as the best wholesale shirt manufacturer in the fashion industry. So, if you want to stay ahead of the line upon the fashion ramp, you must check out their trending collections. Read on to this blog more to get to know about the different designs of shirts that can take your breath away!


The designs to look forward to…

  1. Open collar shirts- They are beautiful to look at, especially if paired with bell bottom jeans. Just tuck your shirt in and carry a sling bag with you. Be confident and just slay the look!
  2. V-neck abstract shirts- These can come with half, three-quarter, or even with full sleeves. These are probably one of the most trending shirt designs in this current year. Add a touch of metal jewelry to go with it, along with your favorite shorts!
  3. Graphic shirts- You need to show off the graphic designed shirts that you buy for yourself, that is the purpose of wearing graphic shirts. Do not shy away from boldly stating your likes, dislikes, or even thoughts that you want people around you to know!
  4. Tie-up shirts- These are the ones that come with two long extensions at the hem, that can be neatly tied to a knot of your choice. They can make you look very sexy and appealing.
  5. Crop shirts/ uneven shirts- Crop shirts come with a cropped hem that end above your waist, and the uneven shirts have an undulating hem that can be long at some parts and cropped at some. They are very interesting to wear and style as well.


If you are a retailer or a private label owner, you can get all kinds of designer shirts, in various materials, colors, sizes and more, from the esteemed shirt manufacturer that can fulfill all your requirements. Stock up your shelves with brand new ideas and creations of the fashion industry, and watch the footfall rise in numbers! The best manufacturer of shirts also excels as sellers of polo shirt wholesale, so it is like a one stop shop for every apparel need of the customers. What are you waiting for? Check out their catalog and order now! You can be sure to get amazing discounts as well!

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