Never Forget These 4 Prime Flannel Shirt Rules

The clothing piece that is the very definition of ‘’class’’, ‘’style’’ is a flannel shirt. You might have heard how famous they are. They are soft, durable, and absolutely comfortable to wear.

Generally, flannel shirts are those roughly textured shirts, that feature a multi-colored checked pattern, though according to the hardcore definition, it’s any material that has undergone a napping and washing method to sport a robust, fuzzy, and raised texture.

Often people don’t think much but style them in whatever way they please, but it’s important to keep these rules and regulations in mind so as to not earn unwanted attention.

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4 rules of wearing a flannel shirt

§    Always try to opt for the season-appropriate colors. Grey and dark green should be your winter-time must-haves. Cream and white should be reserved for summers and light brown should always be sported during fall. When you follow this rule, it shows those around you, how much you pay attention to the little flannel details.

§      Never wrap a flannel shirt around your waist all the time. Being stubborn and not letting the typical 90s trend go will only end up ruining your image among the flannel experts. If you are a business owner reading this blog and wondering where to get high-quality, trend-setting flannel shirt wholesale then reach out to a leading USA shirt manufacturer today!

§     Opt for variety, without settling for a particular look, even if it’s your favorite. Go for different colors, patterns, and shapes. Flannel shirts can add true value to your wardrobe, by bringing color and interest to even the most boring, last-minute outfits that you can think of.

§      Never mix or put together casual bottom wear and tailored flannel shirts or blend flannel shirts with your other casual clothing items, unless you have a ‘’I can’t care any less’’ attitude. A professionally tailored flannel shirt will always work great with a suit. If you try and tuck it inside your denim jeans, you might as well go and introduce yourself as a young dad in your 20s!

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