Golf Shirt Materials: The Best and the Worst

Your annoyance and frustration are completely understandable if you are still trying to find the best golf shirt. After all, grabbing the one that blends fashion, fit, and comfort with top-notch athletic performance becomes hard when you need to choose from so many types of materials that they are made from.


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Given below are 2 lists of materials, one that suggests the ones you should go for and the other talks about the ones you need to avoid. Check them out.



The best golf shirts will have a fair amount of spandex in them. Spandex being lightweight will allow you to move freely on the golf course and swing the stick right. It is a breathable material that will keep you dry by keeping the moisture away. In addition, it is resistant to lotions, detergents, and oil that you may be using.


Polyester is another long-lasting and strong material that helps the golf shirt to hold on to its color. It is wrinkle-resistant and comes with amazing moisture-wicking properties. By sending the moisture to the topmost layer of the fabric, it helps the shirt to get dried soon, so that you can fully focus on the game and not on being dripping wet with sweat.



Wish to stay cool and get moving on the golf course? Never opt for a denim golf shirt. Being heavy and thick, this material makes it hard for you to move freely. Also, as it is insulating and warm, it is not the material you should go for during summers at least. Your game getting affected, especially when you are invited by your boss is not something you would like very much, will you?


It's true that cotton is breathable but holds on to sweat like anything, absorbing every drop, until and unless you start feeling heavy. Not coming with moisture-wicking properties, it’s not recommended at all for any sport, not just golf.

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