Here is How You Can Choose the Perfect Dress Shirt for Your Suit


Now, you might have thought that a dress shirt being the best formal clothing piece can easily go with a suit, but the truth is, it is such a shirt variation that can either make or break a ‘suit appearance’. Yes, even if you have a premium-quality, custom-made suit, still you have to select the correct dress shirt to have a coordinated and clean appearance. But, with such a large variety of wholesale men’s dress shirts brought by well-known shirt manufacturers these days, how will you know which one to go for?


Contrasts and complementing colors

Never even think about matching the color of your dress shirt with your suit. That’s a big NO-NO. For example, don’t wear a black dress shirt if you are going with a conventional black suit. People often make this mistake and end up attracting too many awkward stares. Go for a color that will complement well or pick a contrasting color.

Comfortable cotton

Dress shirts are constructed out of different fabrics but the most common and the preferred one is cotton. Cotton dress shirts are easy to maintain, comfortable on the skin, light, and fluffy. Linen dress shirts are also a great choice though.

A single solid color

Remember, plaids or horizontal stripes are best reserved for casual attires, but a suit is formal, so choose a dress shirt that shows a single solid color. Avoid multi-colors and patterns.

Appropriate collar size

Don’t just check the fit of the dress shirt but take a look at the collar too. Even if the shirt fits you right, if the collar is too small then it won’t do, except when you are not going for a neck-tie.

Reliable buttons

A sophisticated dress shirt should feature strong and sturdy buttons. Before making a purchase, check all the buttons carefully. Are they hanging loose? Can you see the stitching already breaking?

Of considerable length

No matter what you are choosing, just make sure that your dress shirt is long enough for you to tuck it inside your trousers comfortably. Keep this in mind, that the length of a dress shirt has nothing to do with its fit.

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