How To Style Your Flannel Shirt Differently

custom plaid flannel shirts
The initial look is the buttoned-up appearance. Just button up your flannel shirt and match it with a pair of chinos, khakis, trousers, or denim. You can tuck the shirt in for a more formal look, or leave it out for a more relaxed approach. If you're tucking it in, wear it with a good belt. You can even add an edge to your style by rolling up your sleeves. Complement this appearance with a beautiful pair of shoes and a smartwatch. 

The second look is to layer the flannel shirts wholesale USA over a tee, wife beater, or vest. A basic t-shirt or vest, preferably white, is required for this style. If you want to try something new, pair it with a wife beater. Wear your flannel shirt over your t-shirt. Keep the buttons pressed. Combine it with a pair of denim, chinos, or khakis. This look is appropriate for both pants and shorts. This is a laid-back look. Combine it with loafers, boots, or sneakers.

A flannel tied at the waist completes the third appearance. This is a very nice and casual style. A basic tee, preferably with short sleeves, and a pair of denim, chinos, or khakis are required. Tie your flannel shirt around your waist. Choose colors that complement your flannel. 

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The fourth look is a distinctive winter look. It is the flannel combined with the weather. Wear a buttoned-up flannel shirt. Wear a sweatshirt over it now. Make sure the sweater is a nice basic color that complements the colors of the flannel shirt. This will seem really garish if you use animal themes, Christmas colors, or crazy prints. Choose a solid neutral-colored sweater. The length of the sweater should be such that a small flannel shirt shows at the bottom of the waist. Choose between a round and a V-neck. Pull the collars of the flannel shirt above the neck of the sweater. 

The fifth and final outfit is the seductive Flannel and Jacket look. This is a highly fashionable look. Choose a jacket that is a good fit for you. Pair it with a buttoned-up flannel and denim or pants. Accessorize with a watch and some cool aviators or glares. Finish the appearance with boots or formal shoes, but my personal favorite is black army-type boots. You could even put on a nice pair of gloves.

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