All About The Differences Between Golf Shirts And Polo Shirts

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Wondering if golf shirts are the same as polo shirts? Well, though the distinctions are subtle, there is a slight difference between these two types of popular shirts. If you’re a private label business owner, keen on stocking up high-quality shirts, get in touch with a trusted manufacturer of trendy golf shirts, polo shirts, 3d t shirt wholesale, dress shirts and more.

·         Fabric

Polo shirts are usually crafted with a pique-knit material that’s mostly found in cotton and at times in silk, polyester or merino wool and even in a combination of cotton and polyester. The pique-style knit is a double layer knitting technique that makes these shirts immensely breathable and absorbable. On the other hand, golf shirts are stitched with 100% polyester fiber or a 50-50 mixture of cotton and polyester. But you’ll never find golf shirts to be woven with a pique-knit fabric. The material with which golf shirts is made out of features moisture-wicking ability so that it allows quicker evaporation of moisture, keeping you cool and dry when you play on the course in hot or humid climate.

·         Collar

While golf shirts are designed with double-seamed collars that are meant for wearing in a flat and folded down manner, polo shirt collars have seams that are single-stitched and are woven in pique-knit pattern for matching the rest of the shirt’s body.

·         Breast pocket

The breast pocket of polo shirts generally appears on the right side while that of golf shirts is found on the left. We must mention that modern shirts of these two kinds don’t always follow this fashion convention.

·         Sleeve length

Golf shirts have slightly longer sleeves than polos as those of polo shirts tend to end at the middle or upper half portion of the bicep whereas that of golf shirts come down close to the elbows. Though this a minor distinction, it’s a difference still!

·         Fit

We must say that polo shirts have a slimmer fitting than golf shirts, especially near the chest region.

·         Cuffs

Polo shirts have slightly piped cuffs that wrap around the middle part of the bicep snugly. And unlike these, golf shirts have double-seamed cuffs that aren’t piped and instead, have a bigger circumference than the cuffs of the former. This makes cuffs of golf shirts have a looser fitting.

·         History

Polo shirts came to existence around 1920s when polo player, Lewis Lacey developed a shirt from the original Oxford button-down that was particularly used for playing polo. Then, polo shirts came to the mainstream when marketed by Ralph Lauren in 1972. The history of golf shirts is different. This attire rose to popularity when casual tennis shirts began to be used for playing golf.

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