Remember These 5 Tips When Shopping For A Dress Shirt

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Whether you are getting a dress shirt for yourself or it’s for someone else, getting a men’s dress shirt can be more complex than you think. For first impressions like an introduction at a social gathering, job interviews, or meeting the dream girl on an initial formal date, a dress shirt is crucial.

But, how to find the right one among the dress shirt wholesale collection brought by the manufacturers?

5 tips to pick the ideal men’s dress shirt

To grab the perfect shirt, follow the suggestions mentioned below:

  • Linen or cotton are the most common types of fabrics used for making dress shirts. Each comes with its own distinct qualities and is used for different purposes. While cotton is soft and comes with an absorbency rate of 25%, linen is a strong fiber, with an absorbency rate of 20%. Cotton dress shirts are great for formal settings and linen dress shirts work well for more informal settings.
  • Broad, athletic, and slim— these are the three major kinds of fits for dress shirts. A slim-fit dress shirt is ideal for skinny people, broad-fit shirts are perfect for men with a large build, and athletic shirts serve the purpose of those who work out often and look for shirts that will allow more room for their muscular arms and chest.
  • The two main kinds of dress shirt collars are spread and point collars. Men with longer faces can use spread collars to create the illusion of having a more rounded face, and the point collars are mainly constructed to help elongate a rounded face.
  • If you are a print and pattern fan then you can consider opting for stripes and plaid patterned dress shirts. For laid-back office settings and more casual occasions, patterned shirts are perfect. Pinstripes or gentle stripes can be worn for specific events like weddings, weekend office meetings, etc.
  • For particular jobs and engagements, different colors are better suited. Go for unconventional and vibrant colors such as bright orange and green if you are planning to show a livelier image at a party, whereas, pick conservative colors like light blue, grey, and off-white for job interviews.

If you are a business owner wishing to stock soft and smooth, sophisticated wholesale linen shirts, then now is your chance to start bulk shopping from the no. 1 shirt manufacturing company!

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