A Short And Simple White Shirt Buying Guide

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Whether it’s casual gatherings or formal events, the white shirt remains the clothing piece you can never go wrong with, no matter how you wear it. However, to grab a quality white shirt, there are certain things that you should keep in mind.

Check The Pattern As Well As The Texture

Wrinkle-free, twill, pintex, poplin, herringbone, and self-weave are among the popular patterns that can be seen in white shirts. Choose poplin or twill if you wish to go for something less transparent. Self-weave or pintex is an amazing choice for formal wear. Wrinkle-free mostly comes in linen and is more casual. A suggestion would be to go for all since there will be multiple occasions for you to flaunt each pattern.

Opt For The Right Fabric

For the visuals to be perfect, it’s important to consider the fabric. Linen and cotton are all-rounders for any type of white shirt. These are great for formal as well as casual occasions. Settle for silk or satin if you wish to boast of your refined taste. One of the most well-known shirt manufacturers in usa comes with a vast collection of chic wholesale white shirts in different top-quality fabrics.

The Collar Type You Should Go For

There are different kinds of collars available in white shirts. Select a wide-collar white shirt for everyday wear and slim, narrow collars for vital formal events. The wide-collar shirts are pretty versatile as you can wear them with or without a tie, depending on your own preference.

About The Cut And Style

Next, comes the style and cut. Know your body type for sure as there will be no scope for experiment over here. If you have a toned, slim body type, then opt for a structured, slim fit, and if you have a slightly bulky shape then regular fits will be ideal. As far as the style is concerned, choose the one that looks good on you always.

The Button Style

Focus on the buttons. Pick well-finished sophisticated cufflinks along with pearl buttons for a hint of royalty. Conventional buttons also look good on white shirts.

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