5 Iconic Styles In Shirts Every Man Should Know Of

Shirts are a clothing staple for men all around the world. Want to find out which are the shirt pieces you need to own to complete your closet? Then, keep reading. If you’re a business owner, keen on bulk sourcing men’s shirts, make sure to link with the best among private label shirt manufacturers today!

1) Stylish Check Shirts

Shirts with checked designs are classic menswear to pull off a handsome look for both smart-casual and formal occasions. Pair your vibrant check shirts having firm collars and smooth buttons with your trousers to create a smart appearance.

2) Classy Dress Shirts

Men love to wear dress shirts as formalwear as it gives them an elegant look. From white and blue to purple, navy and other hues, you can find modern dress shirts to display various striking colors. Tuck your fitted dress shirts into your pants and accessorize with polished shoes and a belt to exude a sophisticated aura. Tie is optional for such a formal outfit.

3) Trendy Denim Shirts

Be it in light wash or dark wash, denim shirts remain a happening fashion apparel for dudes. A denim shirt is just what a guy needs to throw on to reflect his nonchalant attitude. Combine your slim-fit denim shirt with trousers and sneakers to steal all hearts!

4) Fashionable Flannel Shirts

Plaid flannel shirts depicting eye-catching color combinations look uber-cool and help to keep men warm in fall or winter weather. Pick checked flannel shirts of your choice for pairing with your jeans to exhibit your magnetic personality as you step outside.

5) Dynamic Striped Shirts

Striped shirts stand out as versatile men’s apparel to wear for any event. Opt for comfy shirts showcasing neat stripes in contrasting duo tones to rock any casual, formal or semi-formal outfit! 

As a retailer, psyched to stock up men’s shirts for your store’s clothing collection, you should collab with one of the esteemed shirt wholesale suppliers. Such a shirt manufacturing unit, also recognized as one of the top-notch private label dress shirt manufacturers will enable you to source your stock of well-tailored shirts for men in eclectic designs. 

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